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What the Crane Brought

Sometimes life as an artist isn't everything you dreamed. Other's a straight up nightmare.

Join us for a new tale of horror by best-selling author Ashley Greathouse. Delve into the mind of a starving artist who is trying desperately to achieve more than he has today, but soon realizes his past will come back to haunt him in ways he never imagined.


The Ahndrian Collection
Vol. 1 

available now through Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers

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Explore a new universe of stories in our first ever collaborative release! The Ahndrian Collection Vol. 1 brings 5 stories to life with artwork and compelling tales from different times and places.


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Click through our gallery to learn more about your favorite characters and those you might not have discovered.

Trace their connections and appearances through different stories.

Who's Who?

Who's Who?

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