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Who are we?

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The Ahndrian Archives is a multimedia production company that crafts stories in its own unique and diverse universe. Experience the different realms of the Ahnda and Ahndri along with a host of different beings yet to be revealed. However, even with a host of supernatural abilities, magic, and powers beyond the imagination, it isn't superheroes you'll find here.

The Ahndrian Archives specializes in creating incredible, out-of-this-world stories while exploring what it truly means to be human.

Here you will explore a history influenced by the Ahnda and Ahndri. While this history might seem similar to our own on the surface, the secrets of this infinitely connecting universe will begin to unravel. A vast history full of stories old and new will remind you that even those history has forgotten have stories that will forever shape our world and those connected to it.

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Matrell Wood

Bending reality, but not breaking it is the core of author Matrell Wood’s work. Within a world of his own design that is set amongst the reality of our very own, he tells the stories of the lives that engage and shape the world they live in with strong, realistic, and often humorous characters.


Born in Newport News, Virginia, Matrell found his love for writing within the fantasy worlds created by his favorite authors, but he also saw that reality itself could be just a strange and entertaining. After some time, he realized that he was able to mix the two and created the Ahndrian Archives, a collection of stories within the world that details their lives.

Brandon Wiemerslage

An awkward goofball and lover of metal, hip-hop, gritty fiction, dad jokes, astrology, mythology, over-the-top action, soul-crushing drama, martial arts, and the mentor of your favorite Shonen protagonist! Brandon has many wacky interests and pulls inspiration from whatever source he possibly can to craft an exciting story with interesting people. He is studying to improve his skills in comic and screenwriting, but most of his heart and talent currently resides with prose. More often than not, he works to provide a dark, emotionally-charged setting for his readers, and either a tragic hero to mourn or a pitiable scumbag to pray for as a protagonist. While preferring such things, Brandon strives to be a positive force for others and an upbeat outlook on life. He hopes to be not only a successful novelist and comic writer but also a popular voice actor and cool dad.

Alirah Wiemerslage

Alirah loves anything fantastical, cosmically themed, epic, shiny, or funny, and it shows beautifully through her artwork. She is primarily self-taught, having cultivated skills in more traditional sketch art, but is currently improving her skills as a digital artist. While terribly easy to confide in and told she has a very “peaceful” aura by strangers, Alirah is almost cripplingly shy! People might see a welcoming smile and attentive eyes, but deep inside her mind there is a multitude of anxious Alirahs’ screaming in fear. She aspires to be a popular freelance artist capable of perfectly capturing the images in her’s and her customer’s minds.

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